Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 6 Part 2

And We’re Back for Part 2.

  1. Rich Dollaz is “Father of the Year.”

2015-12-21 22.53.57This season Rich Dollaz had traded his creeper name tag for “Father of the Year”. His daughter came to stay with him for a few weeks from Memphis. In a short amount of time, he learned she has been sexually active. Are we really shocked? Her dad is a creeper. They both agreed to no girls/boys around. Rich tries to give her advice about sex and welcomes open arms for discussion about boys. To our surprise, her religious mother had no clue.

Hopefully, Ashley does not become the female creeper.

  1. Rah Ali is also a Wedding Planner.

To our surprise, Rah Ali has taken off her manager hat and decided to put on the wedding planner one. The altercation between B.B.O.D. and Young B was too much for her to handle so she threw in the towel. Remy Ma has asked her to assist in planning her wedding. Of course, Rah Ali will take over since we never actually got to see her wedding. What was that mystery man’s name again? *sips tea*

3.  Cardi B. is beyond annoying.

2015-12-21 22.56.06Well Cardi B. made one heck of an annoying  entrance. An emotional stripper who became an Instagram sensation overnight. Some would say she gives New York girls a bad name with her loud and ghetto language. Yes, she likes to turn up but she can tone it down just a notch. She maintains a “situationship” with DJ Self, who has also has been dating dancer Yorma. Another creeper joins the squad.

He hit her with that “side chick swerve” when she tried to show him in a video. No pictures, no evidence. Smart Guy!

  1. Tara is still lying to herself!

Tara, let’s have a moment of silence for your ignorance………….Now let’s lay it all out. You dated Peter Gunz on and off for 13 years and had two children. He decided to step outside of his home and MARRY another woman, whether she knew about you or not. A year later they had a child together. You are not his wife or his woman. You are just the mother of his children trying to justify sleeping with a married man because you loved him first. Child Please! Let’s be honest, you moved into that building not for the kids, you did it to have easier access to Mr. Pinkey. She constantly acts so surprised when he lies, yet he’s been doing it for years. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

In no way am I rooting for Amina; she allowed the foolishness to continue. If you know he will never leave her alone, then why subject yourself as a wife to play second fiddle to any woman. You were right about your woman’s intuition. Now walk away.


This show is becoming ridiculous. But I just can’t stop watching. But we’re also learning a bigger message in life. What not to do in relationships, because clearly no one is about their business.

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