Things We Learned From Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 6

We all tuned in last night to Love and Hip Hop to see Remy Ma comeback like a boss in the rap game, watch Amina and Tara fight over a man and Yandy deal with motherhood and business, while losing her husband.

We have a whole season to go, but here are a few things we learned fresh out the gate.

  1. Sister wives Are Cool!2015-12-15 11.17.21

Yup, I said it! Tara And Amina showed the world that after years, they are still sharing Peter Gunz, living in the same apartment building floors from each other.

Our first introduction to Tara this season was her crawling up from under the covers with President of the Creep Squad himself. Of course, she blames it on the alcohol, as if she consciously forgot he was still married. No mam!

On screen, she denies wanting him, but like Maury said “THAT’S A LIE.”

The scene jumps to Peter Gunz getting on an elevator to go home, two floors up to his apartment with Amina. In true Love and Hip Hop Fashion, “Peter, where have you been?”

Amina let’s not ask a dumb question. You know where he has been and with whom. Denial! Denial! Denial!

2. Remy Ma and Papoose got that Hood Love!

After six and a half years of incarceration, Remy returns to the Hip Hop stage to reclaim her spot at the top and be with her ride-or-die husband, Papoose. The couple discusses their phone call wedding while she was away and the hopes to expand their brand and continue their family growth. Papoose is a strong king holding down his queen while she’s away from the throne. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to help her abide by the laws of her parole and keep her home with him every day. If things go as planned, sometime during the season, we will see a wedding and a baby within the next year.

2015-12-15 11.19.10

  1. White girls can’t jump, well rap!

Mariah Lynn, bless her heart SMH. According to Rich Dollaz, she has been a struggling artist for years, and still is. From her performance at DJ Self’s Cypher, her rap lyrics belong in a retirement home. It was clearly amateur night because Remy Ma would have bodied her. DJ Self also brought her on his radio show on Power 105.1 to release her new single.

“I was a hoe and I’m admitting it. I won’t take it back cuz I did the sh**”

I’m sure you were at home like me listening to crickets and giving a major side eye. Female rappers like her get no respect in rap game. We know she’s done dirt with Rich Dollaz, (who hasn’t) but I wonder what has she done with DJ Self to get that slot on his show, major side eye. They showed clips of her cozying up to Rich Dollaz and music producer Cisco. Screwing your way to the top is not a good look. Maybe she should change that “I was” in her lyrics to “I am.”

  1. Everyone’s a manager.

You get a manager, you get a manager, we all get a manager on this season of Love and Hip Hop. Yandy comes back on the scene hoping to the revamp the businesswoman that she is aside from being a mom and a wife. She has experience managing artists going back to the Dipset days with Jim Jones. She hooks up with Young B aka Mrs. Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s been nine long years, since we’ve seen her on a stage. She showed her versatility of rap skills at DJ Self’s Cypher.

2015-12-15 10.45.11Yandy has her hands full pulling her outta the gutter and minimizing her beef with female rappers BBOD (Bad Bit**** On Deck), managed by Rah Ali.

Entrepreneur Rashidah Ali took on BBOD, in hopes of giving these rich girls a break in the music industry. They look like the modernized version of B.A.P.S and their rap lyrics were not far from garbage. They had a one up on Young B, referencing her Chicken Noodle Soup song.


Stay tuned next week, as we get introduced to the dancers of NYC, Yorma and Instagram sensation Cardi B.


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