Thank God , Have Some Fun and Laugh A TON!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been away for a while.  This new year has me so busy, but I can’t say I don’t enjoy it. With this “new” year, I decided to try a “new” project. A VISION BOARD! Last night I just decided to make one. I’ve never made one and I wasn’t sure  how to do it or what to put on it. I figured I would start by thanking God first. Without him I would not be where I am today or have the many blessings I have. I am forever grateful to him. Next, I spelled the name of my blog Opinionated Ray down the middle. It’s been with me since 2010. My roommate, at the time and I stayed up all night thinking about names to begin my brand as a journalist. At 2.a.m, Brittany said “Opinionated Ray,”  (I wished she had said it 10pm, I was tired). She said it described me and my mouth and saying how I feel. And there I became Opinionated Ray. It is forever indebted to her. (There’s your plug, Brittany lol)

I divided the board up, the right side is everything I will do for this year and the left side is over the next 2-4 years. Everything below the” Ray” will stay with me forever.  I’ll break it down for you.

Right Side. I will redefine the standards of what it truly means to be truly be in love. I’ve had issues with commitment in my life but that doesn’t mean I never wanted love. I’ve made mistakes and I’ve learned from them. I love “love” and thought of being in love tickles me. I want my King to can trust me and know I can trust him and we can build a lifetime bond together and eventually share hands in marriage. (But until then, I’ll enjoy my DMs). I want to take another leap of faith. I took one last year by moving to Georgia on my own.  Maybe it’s time for another move, Who knows? I will inspire others, as many have been an inspiration to me. I will do more traveling, preferably out of the country. I need to become a better networker. I believe you are only as good as the people around you. This year I plan to join other organizations and meet other people who can help expand my horizons and I can contribute to as well. I will elevate all parts of my life, work, friendships and family. I need to make healthier investments in my life to progress to a better future. Spend a little, gift a lot! I remember times when I would pay my bills and spend whatever was left on clothes and materialistic things. Now, I wonder, “Ok what about next month’s bills.” It’s all a part of growing up and becoming an adult, EWWWWW! With my blog and any opportunity that presents itself for me to advance my career, I will to be a trendsetter and a game changer. I want people, especially other women and young girls to use me as an example of how to achieve your goals, as Viola Davis does for me. I used a picture of Danielle Brooks because she is beautiful. I first started watching her on “Orange is the New Black.” She’s courageous and brave and doesn’t apologize for her boldness. She’s the true embodiment of what a woman should be: strong and confident. I put her next to a group of what society calls “plus size women.” I used to be a size 5 but growing up and my family jeans just did not fit together anymore. No seriously,  I can’t even tell you how may jeans I’ve ripped in my life.  These women are my motivation to embrace my body for whatever size it maybe, to always be confident in myself no matter what. I might not ever be a size 5 again but I can be healthy and happy at any size. I also chose that picture because hopefully, I will develop more lifelong female bonds with women who will one day fill my bridal party (I’m thinking 5-12).

Left Side.  I definitely need to keep a level head. Sometimes, I allow myself to get so frustrated or allow others to take me out of my character but I have to remind myself that God got my back and not to sweat the small things. I will become more open minded with my career, my life and my family. At times, I can be too judgmental and not always so caring, and with time I WILL change that. I will to travel to France for at least a week or more. I had two friends travel there this year, and I can’t wait until they get back so they can tell me all about it. (Kea, You came home first so, I’ll be calling soon.) I also will travel to South Africa; the culture, wildlife and landscaping there is vibrant and beautiful and I need some adventure in my life. I’m glad I have older friends who talk to me about “The Climb” and the struggles it took to achieve their goals. Everything takes time and preparation. “There’s no such thing as overnight success.” I am all for equality and equal opportunity by I am also for the political and social advancement of my people. Something inside of me burns to know that my ancestors history is being removed from history books today and that my people don’t value themselves enough to know all that opportunities that can be afforded to them because of a phenomenon called “slave mentality.”  Yes, I said Slave! No I am not against any other race or ethnicity, but I will never forget first and foremost my own, Black Power Forever. Fists to the air, and fros high to the sky. I know I am slowly approaching my BIG BREAK! I don’t know what it is quite yet, but I’m sure it will be fantastic. I want to LIVE with no regrets and do what I love to do, WRITE! No one wants to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job with some company they don’t like doing work they hate, at least not forever. I will travel once a month or once every other month with my significant other/soon to be husband. (Hey, future King). Never the same place, always somewhere different. It has to be at least 45 min. away from our home; just to get away and clear our minds. Maybe a picnic in another city, with some fruits and veggies. (I Love my veggies!) And Phones off! Who doesn’t want money and power in a society that tells us the more money you have the more powerful you are. But in reality, it’s what you do with that power/ money and the type of impact you make on others. I will make a positive and prosperous one beneficial to all. Last, have fun and laugh a ton. It reduces stress and makes you happy and I love to be Happy.

Noticed I used the word will a lot?. That’s how you make something reality, claim it. See, I’m just a beautifully flawed individual. I’m just a young woman growing into a beautiful Queen.

Opinionated. Truthful. (But) Me. And I love it.

This was a great project to allow me to take a look at myself and what I desire out of life. It’s also very relaxing, removed the stress from my day.You should try it yourself and send me pics of your vision board.  


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