I’m Coming Home…to New York That Is!

Yup you read it right! I’m officially moving back home this summer. Well, not home like Queens but upstate to Syracuse. I’ve been accepted into the Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism Program at SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY.

I’m so excited that I’m calm (weird I know). Dramatic me cried for about 3-4 minutes once I got the email and of course I had to call my immediate family and friends. Syracuse was #2 on my list of Graduate schools. I had to look at the email at least 5 times because I could not believe it. I’ve applied to 3 other graduate programs and was denied, so with Syracuse accepting me, of course, I’m going!

My journey to this point is quite remarkable, if I do say so myself. I moved to Georgia to further my career and go to school. The school part didn’t work out because of my grades, so I opted to take courses simply to increase my gpa in the meantime. I worked a part-time job as a Administrative Assistant and as an intern for a growing magazine. I did such a great job at the magazine, I was asked to step up as an Associate Editor. Now, I know what you were thinking-CUT THE CHECK! But nope that didn’t happen and I was still ok with that. I looked at it as an opportunity to gain experience and something I can add to my resume.

2016-02-27 20.45.27I helped prepare a successful launch of the magazine in the Atlanta area. I had a huge feature spread in the print magazine. She was clearly quite pleased. To go from a successful Saturday night to the greatest email ever on Monday, I’m taking in all my blessings.

But I oh a great amount of thanks to my mother. Last summer, she gave me a pandora bracelet with a bible charm on it. I stopped wearing it for awhile; it sat in my jewelry box. We hadn’t talked in months and two weeks ago I just called her up and we talked. After that I wore the bracelet everyday, which started the rain of blessings. Prior to the launch, I was sought out by a major Atlanta newspaper. Call me superstitious, but I believe between the bracelet and my constant praying, God answered my prayers and then some. So continue praying and find your lucky; I’ve found mine.

Keep up with my lovely adventures as Opinionated Ray returns to New York!


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