Ode to My Father

For my Multimedia Storytelling class, our assignment was to create an introduction video about ourselves.

It’s personal, its real and it’s me.


I thought about different elements that describe me; my natural hair, my love for dressing up. The ideas looked great in my head but ultimately, I felt I was missing something. This was not me. Hours before my assignment was due, I completely changed my idea to the most important man in my life; my father. Things just haven’t been the same since he passed and I wanted to share that with my cohort. At first, I wondered should I get this personal, sinceĀ I’ve only known them a few months. But I did. My intro video is a reflection of my life, my accomplishments and the people who mean so much to me and have helped me get this far.

Now, I’d like to share it with you all.

Opinionated Ray

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