Month: May 2017

Charlie Murphy: Put Some Respeck on His Name, Not His Brother’s.

Today, we lost a legendary comedian Murphy, yet somehow┬áit was also his brother’s day.

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Why is Natural Hair Such a Big Deal For Black Women?

About five years ago in college, I decided to natural. My hair had hit a standstill. It wasn’t growing but it wasn’t shedding. I looked like I had a fresh bob cut every week, but I didn’t. It just would not grow. A friend suggested that I go natural. Normally, my friend’s suggestion are spot […]

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Media Richness & Political Woes (No Drake Intended)

This recent election was more social media friendly than past elections. The 45th President, who shall remain nameless until 2020, had some rather friendly Twitter fingers but lacked when it came to the face to face engagement and dialogue. From my understanding, media richness conveys rich information through face to face interactions and documents, not […]

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