Charlie Murphy: Put Some Respeck on His Name, Not His Brother’s.

Today, we lost a legendary comedian Murphy, yet somehow it was also his brother’s day.

Yet, fans were not happy about it.

To be clear, Charlie Murphy is a successful stand-up comedian in his own right and does not need to be recognized along with brother. He’s filled stadiums and auditoriums all around the world and been featured in dozens of shows movies, including “Vampire in Brooklyn,” “The Boondocks” and more recently, “Meet the Blacks.” But he’s mostly recognized for his role on “Chapelle’s Show,” opposite Dave Chapelle as Rick James. It was the slap heard around the world and he clapped back with the ultimate kong fu kick.

Show some respect to a veteran with over 25 years under his belt. Honestly, it’s disrespectful and quite frankly, I’m glad someone said something. Maybe this was a ploy to give Eddie Murphy some shine aside from his tons of kids. How many does he have again? Is he still making movies? Is he even funny anymore? I only remember Coming to America and Boomerang.  Oops, did I say that? Yes, I did.

<em>Either way, R.I.P Charlie Murphy, you will forever be missed.</em>

Check out some of the other tweets celebrating the legendary comedian. <a href=”;src=tyah”>#RIPCharlieMurphy</a>

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