Media Richness & Political Woes (No Drake Intended)

This recent election was more social media friendly than past elections. The 45th President, who shall remain nameless until 2020, had some rather friendly Twitter fingers but lacked when it came to the face to face engagement and dialogue. From my understanding, media richness conveys rich information through face to face interactions and documents, not alternative facts.

My advice to elected officials in 2017 is to get personal but not in citizens personal space. Get out. Be seen and be heard via social media. Utilize platforms like Twitter and Facebook to post commentary, photos, videos and interact with the very people that voted for you. Your interactions with citizens can very fell affect your term in office positively or negatively; your choice.

Your thoughts are actually inspiring many and changing minds. No seriously, they are.

Being on social media allows for easier ways of engagement on a global scale. It allows for interaction and direct conversation with citizens. It’s also a great way to share and receive information. Some citizens find comfort in being able to @ their elected official, feeling at though they have some kind of access, other than to watch on television or read a newspaper article. Millenials have changed the way we use social media and we are not going back.

Be inspiration in your posts. But also, be mindful of how your posts will be perceived and whether or not your information is factual and grammatically correct. You are now an elected official and we don’t need another Kellyanne Conway “alternative fact.”


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