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Im Back! Did You Miss Me?

Wow, it’s been 15 months since I sat down and actually wrote something for myself. Feels pretty weird, tbh. But I don’t regret it because I wasn’t sure what to say or how to say it. Guess you would say I had writer’s block or mind block, so I better give you all a re-introduction. […]

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Ode to My Father

For my Multimedia Storytelling class, our assignment was to create an introduction video about ourselves. It’s personal, its real and it’s me.   I thought about different elements that describe me; my natural hair, my love for dressing up. The ideas looked great in my head but ultimately, I felt I was missing something. This […]

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A Letter to My Pre-Graduate Self

Dear Rachel, This is it! The next chapter of your life begins in less than 2 weeks. Your emotions have been at an all time high lately leading up to this very moment. You’ve struggled with self-doubt, anxiety, and worrying so much over the past month. Time to end that and look forward to what’s […]

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The Journey Through Dating Apps

I’ve never really been a serial dater. I’m more like meet one guy and that leads to a relationship. This is the longest I’ve ever been single (2 years). Surprisingly, I’m enjoying my me time.

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“Your heart will never accept being without him, but your heart can accept that fact that he is in a better place.”

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of my dad’s passing. Every year around this time I become depressed and easily agitated because it’s a constant reminder of him not being here.

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